Zombeing island


The science fiction/fantasy tribe is extremely vibrant. We decided to throw them a party so we invented Phathom.com – a transmedia entertainment hub for the curious.

In an effort to create conversation around Phathom we decided to harness the current Zombie craze by creating our own Zombie apocalypse, featuring our very own brand of Zombie – Zombeings. Our insight was that people either wanted to kill Zombies or they wanted to be them. So we created an ongoing live/internet based experience where people can join in on the fun. Our solution was to turn the entire city of Chicago into the Zombeing apocalypse.

We’ve teamed with the City of Chicago and all the colleges in the area to create one-of-a-kind transmedia experiences that happen year round. In the first 90 days we’ve had 100,000 FB visitors, gone viral for days on end and featured guest spots on Fox 5, WGN, Mancow. All told – 1.5 millions eyeballs in 90 days.




The event is the third installation in a series of Zombie-themed public events that engaged crowds in downtown Chicago, beginning with 100 roaming Zombeing brides and followed by Zombeing grooms searching for their brides during the summer.

Zombeing transmedia


The Zombeing Fallout Shelter will host 500 guests who find themselves trapped inside a zombie-secure fallout shelter for an overnight interactive “live theater” experience that features 100 Zombeings, 20 medical professionals and a full SWAT team. Guests who dare to endure the thrills and scares during the all-night extravaganza will boast of participating in a once in a lifetime event.

fallout shelter1

Next up… our Indygogo campaign.