Bud Light Chicken campaign


Chicken Pool Budweiser was one of the top Top 10 Super Bowl spots. Not a lot of time to shoot this one. We got the boards one month before it was due. We found amazing talent in humans and chickens. My hands were full so I partnered with long time friend and DOP Eric Moynier of Boardwalk Empire. We shot in downtown Jersey City and posted at our production company with our super star editor Burt Cambridge. It was very cool to see the spot on the Super Bowl and an honor to be one of the top 10. This was the beginning of our relationship with Budweiser and DDB. The licensing of Charles Stone’s 3-minute film “Whassup” was the next major milestone in that relationship.


Big news here… don’t work with real chickens on a sunny day! Ten of our chickens fainted. Luckily, with skilled handlers, the feathered actresses were revived. We literally used shades and air condition units on the second day of shooting.