Question: Can advertising communications be reverse-engineered?
What if a pure dose of human truth got by corporate barbed wire and touched the hearts of a pinpointed audience?

The idea: A creative contest to keep the juices of the agency flowing. Everyone could participate. It all started with one simple question.

What is your thesis? What is your life truth?

Once that was done, everyone had to develop concepts for a piece of art based on that truth… it could be anything — a piece of sculpture, performance art, a film. Whatever. All of the work would be judged and the shop would produce the winning concept.

One of our film directors won the contest. His truth had to do with the fact that guys can say absolutely everything by saying nothing at all. The thesis was then developed into a three-minute short film titled “True” – shot in a couple of days and edited over a week or so.

We then decided on a couple of manufacturers that spoke to a similar audience – and posted the final film on the internet. Anheuser Busch liked the idea so much that they wanted to license the idea. Some months later, in conjunction with Budweiser and DDB Needham, 5 commercials were created. The rest is “Whassup” history.

These commercials enabled our broadcast production division to become the winningest production company in the history of the Cannes Film Festival.